Low Cost Force Lab uses the Nintendo Wii Balance Board as a measurement device. The Balance Board offers for a low cost price a simple platform with four measuring sensors and can be used with very little effort as a simple and inexpensive force plate, even without the corresponding game console. With Low Cost Force Lab it is easy to derive, save and analyze the vertical ground reaction forces of the Balance Board data just with a few clicks. In comparison to professional force plates the Balance Board does not deliver highest temporal and spatial precision. However, as a low cost pre-diagnostic tool the Balance Board is in combination with the software package Low Cost Force Lab capable of generating smooth 100Hz signals in satisfactory quality for movements like equilibrium tasks or gait. With Low Cost Force Lab it is possible to capture force and COP data of up to two Balance Boards simultaneously.

Low Cost Force Lab + Nintendo Wii Balance Board(s) = Flexible and powerful force plate 


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